• The Jaipur Literary Festival, Part 1 of X: Chetan Bhagat
    As regular readers know, I’m currently in India as part of the British Council’s UK Young Publishing Entrepreneurs scheme. We’ve spent the last few days at the utterly wonderful Jaipur Literary Festival, and while I’ve got some time online I thought I’d write up one of the many talks I attended, and its associated lessons. Much more of this kind of thing to come. The very first session I attended on Friday morning was with bestselling author Chetan Bhagat (left). His first novel, Five Point Someone and it’s successor, One Night at the Call Center are among India’s biggest-selling ...
  • Away
    I’m off to India for a couple of weeks: don’t expect too many posts, but I’ll have lots to tell on my return. No time to write up the excellent experience that was Bookcamp last weekend – keep your eye on the Penguin blog for more reports. There will be more to come. Very pleased to see Bookkake and bkkeepr (twice) on the map above that’s doing the rounds. 2008 was a good year, and there are many more plans for 2009. See you in February....
  • Get Satisfaction
    It’s rare that I out-and-out praise a service, particularly here, but if you’re running any kind of customer-facing service on the web I can’t recommend Get Satisfaction highly enough. In fact, if you’re not using it, you’re doing it wrong: it’s up there in a select set of absolutely essential tools like Google Analytics, Feedburner and Campaign Monitor (or equivalents, but they’re my picks) that should be set up and running for your project / website / shop before they launch. Get Satisfaction is “people-powered customer service” that provides a trackable single point of contact, organisation, reference, feedback and ...
  • India Ho!
    I’m going to India in two weeks. I’ve been shortlisted for the British Council’s UK Young Publishing Entrepreneur of the Year Award 2009, for my work on Bookkake, bkkeepr, LL+, here, and elsewhere, and for which I am extremely pleased and grateful. Part of the judging process is seeing what we get up to in India where we’re going for three weeks to book fairs in Delhi, Jaipur and Calcutta, to meet the Indian publishing industry. I’m very excited. I spent some time as a backpacker in India many years ago, and have wanted to get ...
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