• At play on the field of ghosts
    Athletes are increasingly taking the role of the meat in an algorithm sandwich
  • New Ways of Seeing
    A BBC Radio series & other updates.
  • My delight on a shining night
    A film and exhibition about flamingos, migration, and the history of radar.
  • A State of Sin
    An installation about randomness and robots for CERN.
  • Agency
    A curated exhibition about thinking and acting in troubling times.
  • Reference: Floor Plan Models
    The Founder and Bob le flambeur
  • Implicit Empathy
    On the thoughtless practice of compassion.
  • Failing to distinguish between a tractor trailer and the bright white sky
    On self-driving cars, autonomy, and technological possibilities.
  • The London Render Search
    The continuing adventures of the Render Ghosts in the city.
  • The Art Borders Project
    Bearing witness to artists' experiences at borders.
  • welcome.js
    A tiny script for making the web a friendlier place.
  • Cloud Index
    Notes on a project investigating the history of computational prediction, weather modification, and machine learning.
  • The Climate of Opinion
    An installation about refugees and wayfinding for the Oslo Architecture Triennale
  • Satellite Shadows
    The disappearance of appearance.
  • A Flag for No Nations
    On the history of the Space Blanket, and the stories of technology.
  • Yearnotes: 2015
    Everything that happened to me; Preview of 2016.
  • Big Data, No Thanks
    On the connections between atomic history and the surveillance state; big data and the bomb.
  • Reading Right-to-Left
    Landscapes and literacies.
  • Fraunhofer Lines
    Plotting the light refracted through official narratives.
  • Citizen Ex
    Algorithmic Citizenship and the politics of internet domains
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