• Gopro Cinema
    Non-human, non-carbon, non, non, non.
  • The Hyper-Stacks and the Post-Enlightenment
    An installation and a system for the V&A; and the system of the world.
  • Seamless Transitions
    Visualising the unphotographable spaces of immigration.
  • The Nor
    An investigation into paranoia, electromagnetism, and infrastructure.
  • Rainbow Plane 002: Kiev
    A 1:1 outline of an aircraft, as seen by a satellite.
  • Received by Post: Printed Web, TBD, and the Moving Museum
    A magazine, a catalogue, and an LP.
  • AQD: Remembrancer
    Implicated by association, a newspaper for the V&A.
  • Homo Sacer
    Changelogs, holograms, and who gets killed.
  • On the Rainbow Plane
    On seeing through satellites, and catching them out.
  • Spectacular Sports Visualisations
    On football, machine vision, sports and surveillance.
  • #Rorschcam NYC
    A hello present to New York City
  • Planespotting
    Watching the deportation flights.
  • Surveillance Spaulder
    A wearable CCTV detector, with shocking results.
  • DIY Drone Shadows
    A Drone Shadow for Dirty Wars, a projection, and a how-to guide.
  • Anatomy of a failed rendition
    Private jets, aircraft tracking, and the deportation of Isa Musawa.
  • Recent Work, November 2013: Render Ghosts, GPS, Landsat.
    Writing and making elsewhere
  • #OccupyTheCloud
    An installation, and a call to action.
  • How to see through the Cloud
    Superstudio's 'Continuous Monument' and Mozilla Webmaker
  • Australia: Drone Shadows, Diagrams, and Political Systems
    On secrecy, censorship, and not drawing a drone in Queensland.
  • The Barbican: Unmoored
    Another thing about architecture, weather and the internet.
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