• Cassava Republic
    This morning, on as wet and dismal a Tuesday as London has to offer, I had the pleasure of meeting Bibi Bakare-Yusuf and Jeremy Weate from Cassava Republic. Cassava Republic was founded four years ago in Abuja, Nigeria, with the intention of introducing African readers to local writers too often celebrated only in Europe and […]
  • Four Corners Books
    On Friday I met Elinor Jansz & Richard Embray from Four Corners Books. With backgrounds in publishing and the art world they came together to create one of the most beautiful small presses around. Four Corners publish art books, with their first serious success being Come Alive!, the examining the work of Sister Corita, Catholic […]
  • Amazon turns publisher, finally. Encore!
    Amazon have just announced AmazonEncore: “a new program whereby Amazon will use information such as customer reviews on to identify exceptional, overlooked books and authors with more potential than their sales may indicate.” They’re now a publisher. It’s been a while coming, but some of us have been predicting this move for some time: […]
  • Michael Tamblyn: 6 Projects That Could Change Publishing for the Better
    A presentation you need to read, and not just for the explanation above of DRM: Date Repulsion Mode, the scale of cool, or why no one with a Kindle gets asked for their phone number in Starbucks. Loads of excellent stuff on book data accessibility, XML, catalogues and innovation. And make sure you read the […]
  • Faber Finds & the new business of POD
    Faber Finds is the new print-on-demand (POD) offering from Faber. It’s a classics list made up of old Faber titles, with the intention (I believe) of extending to a wider range of ‘forgotten classics’. Slowly, the larger publishers are coming round to the view that much smaller publishers (such as Salt) have had for a […]
  • On publishers and software development
    “The blogosphere has been buzzing since the App Store launched over last weekend with comments about ‘dozy publishers’ who have missed a great opportunity to make their books available on the iPhone. But apart from a few digital PR points scored against competing publishers, there doesn’t seem to me to be any huge value in […]
  • Authonomy: First Look
    HarperCollins have just launched their online slushpile site,, in private beta. Authonomy allows budding authors to upload chapters of their work for the rest of the community to read and comment on. There’s been a lot of speculation about how this would be implemented, and at first sight it looks pretty good – HC […]
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