May 16th 2016

Satellite Shadows

The disappearance of appearance.
Jan 19th 2016

A Flag for No Nations

On the history of the Space Blanket, and the stories of technology.
Jan 2nd 2016

Yearnotes: 2015

Everything that happened to me; Preview of 2016.
Nov 2nd 2015

Big Data, No Thanks

On the connections between atomic history and the surveillance state; big data and the bomb.
Oct 30th 2015

Reading Right-to-Left

Landscapes and literacies.
Oct 5th 2015

Fraunhofer Lines

Plotting the light refracted through official narratives.
Jul 30th 2015

Citizen Ex

Algorithmic Citizenship and the politics of internet domains
Jul 19th 2015

Gopro Cinema

Non-human, non-carbon, non, non, non.
Mar 31st 2015

The Hyper-Stacks and the Post-Enlightenment

An installation and a system for the V&A; and the system of the world.
Feb 26th 2015

Seamless Transitions

Visualising the unphotographable spaces of immigration.

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