Dec 18th 2018

My delight on a shining night

A film and exhibition about flamingos, migration, and the history of radar.
Dec 17th 2018

A State of Sin

An installation about randomness and robots for CERN.
Oct 23rd 2018


A curated exhibition about thinking and acting in troubling times.
Jan 24th 2018

Reference: Floor Plan Models

The Founder and Bob le flambeur
Jan 21st 2018

Implicit Empathy

On the thoughtless practice of compassion.
Oct 10th 2017

Failing to distinguish between a tractor trailer and the bright white sky

On self-driving cars, autonomy, and technological possibilities.
Apr 4th 2017

The London Render Search

The continuing adventures of the Render Ghosts in the city.
Feb 10th 2017

The Art Borders Project

Bearing witness to artists' experiences at borders.
Oct 25th 2016


A tiny script for making the web a friendlier place.
Oct 24th 2016

Cloud Index

Notes on a project investigating the history of computational prediction, weather modification, and machine learning.

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