Oct 17th 2022

Marking and Unmarking

Lionfish and land acknowledgements, maybe

Oct 11th 2022

Fading Light in the Picture Gallery

An essay about the work of painter Christopher Page

Jul 18th 2022

Hope needs a place to perch

Optimism and agency

May 17th 2022

The AI and the Tree

Machine learning for carpentry

May 4th 2022

Signs of Life

An exhibition on renewable energy and redistributing power.

Apr 6th 2022

Ways of Being

A new book about technology, ecology, planetary intelligence and more-than-human relationships.

Jul 21st 2021


On the architecture of airport chapels.

May 6th 2021

The New Aesthetic (+10)

Reposting the original NA introduction.

Mar 18th 2021

The Great Bonfire at the End of Time

No cops, no jails, no bloody blockchains, and absolutely NO LINEAR FUCKING TIME.

Sep 29th 2020

Art, Corona, Tech, and Social Media

A short interview for Metaixmio

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