Oct 23rd 2023

The Distractor

An installation concerning Sesame Street and human attention, at the Kunsthaus Zurich.

Sep 14th 2023

What does the river want?

A lecture given at the Festivaletteratura, Mantova, Italy, in September 2013, about legal personhood, non-indigenous species, terraforming, colonialism, floods, and more-than-human relations.

May 13th 2023

I could make that

Tiny toy models of things

Mar 27th 2023

SUPER KIOSK and other news

A sustainable structure for the Thessaloniki Biennial.

Feb 3rd 2023

Gleanings, January 2023

Recent tabs and research

Jan 2nd 2023


A story about time, choices, and seagrass.

Nov 7th 2022

The Tumblr Museum

Tiny museums of random things, everywhere

Oct 20th 2022

The Sting

Eating and interfaces

Oct 19th 2022

Let the River Live

Personhood and eco-mental systems

Oct 17th 2022

The Great Levelling

Enclosure and colonialism, pre-Empire

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