• Creative Writing & Going Postal
    I have mixed feelings about creative writing courses, but Hanif Kureishi doesn’t: “One of the things you notice is that when you switch on the television and a student has gone mad with a machine gun on a campus in America, it’s always a writing student.” I recently gave a talk to some Creative Writing […]
  • Learning through gambling
    Tom pointed to this hilarious/depressing news story about the National Lottery’s ‘Cool Cash’ scratchcard: To qualify for a prize, users had to scratch away a window to reveal a temperature lower than the figure displayed on each card. As the game had a winter theme, the temperature was usually below freezing. But the concept of […]
  • Read A M*F*ing Book
    Quite possibly the best thing ever. Do not watch if offended by language, or without headphones in a busy place. Do watch if interested in increasing literacy rates. And booty. The video is a product of BET, the ‘black interest’ US cable channel, who deserve utter praise for such a forthright and downright hilarious approach. […]
  • Friday light relief: Google Fan Fiction, always up-to-date with the latest online literary microtrends, is proud to bring you a new subgenre: Google fan fic (or should that be fear fic?). Enjoy. Google Interiors by Sandra Niehaus: I realized with a shock that George‚Äôs hat was a dense cluster of tiny cameras, forming a rounded beehive of angled, glittering eyes. […]
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