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May 3, 2007

I just received some rather wonderful news. As a direct result of my recent talk at the British Council, one of the international publishers who was present, Anuradha Roy of Permanent Black in India, has set up a blog to talk to the world about their books.

Publishers of the finest work on South Asia’s history, politics, culture, and ecology. Run by Rukun Advani and Anuradha Roy. Located in Delhi and Ranikhet, India. View our full catalogue at You’ll find lots more.

According to the Internet & Mobile Association of India (whose physical address is on the wonderfully-named Readymoney Terrace), India had over 21 million active Internet users in 2006, with a current access base of 34 million, including 1 million in rural areas. This is is growing extremely rapidly, with a potential total of 243 million users in urban areas alone. (Source).

There is a current and growing trend for multinational publishing groups moving into and expanding within India – Penguin, Macmillan and HarperCollins among them – but it is initiatives like Permanent Black’s that should ensure that domestic publishers, even small ones, can continue to compete and thrive in a growing market.

UPDATE: For Anuradha’s own feedback, see this comment.

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