• Introducing Bkkeepr
    Back in February, I sketched out this idea on the back of an envelope. I’m pleased to say it is now a reality. Bkkeepr allows you to track your reading and make bookmarks via text message and the web. It uses Twitter as it’s source, generating a timeline of everyone’s reading, as well as pages for people, and pages for books. Once added, users can add their books to the LibraryThing account, check library availability, and much more. There are also all the RSS feeds and widgets you’d expect. I particularly like the bookmarking feature which allows ...
  • Funding gap, knowledge gap
    I’ve been spending the day listen to friends twitter from NESTA’s Innovation Edge conference at the South Bank, and an Arts Council England summit on the future of literature just round the corner. NESTA was established by the government in 1998 with an endowment of £250 million. Just last week, ACE announced £16.5 million of Lottery funding for the Southbank Centre, the same week I discovered that my full-price membership of that institution no longer lets me take in a friend for free. Meanwhile, the slash and burn of the literature sector continues (others too: film, theatre, visual arts, ...
  • Authonomy: First Look
    HarperCollins have just launched their online slushpile site,, in private beta. Authonomy allows budding authors to upload chapters of their work for the rest of the community to read and comment on. There’s been a lot of speculation about how this would be implemented, and at first sight it looks pretty good – HC haven’t overreached themselves, they’ve simply created a site for people to join, upload their work, and read that of others’. Sounds simple, but many similar projects have failed thanks to scope creep. Every user gets a profile where they can create a virtual bookshelf ...
  • London Lit Plus
    I’m very pleased to say that my open-source literary festival, London Lit Plus, is happening again this year. Full details at, with plenty more to come. Head over, check it out, start spreading the word – and think about holding an event!...
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