This page occasionally updated with new talks. A full list of talks, with more videos and audio recordings, can be found here.

Failing to Distinguish between a Tractor Trailer and the Bright White Sky: A talk about automation, artificial intelligence, labour, and self-driving cars at The Influencers, Barcelona, October 2017.

A New Dark Age: A talk from #33c3 in Hamburg, December 2016, on my work, the Cloud Index, and the cloudy future. [Source]

Sneakers and Snoopers: a lecture at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, November 2016, on sport and surveillance.

On the Cloud Index, cloud history, and cloud thinking, at the Serpentine Galleries Miracle Marathon, October 2016.

On nuclear history and the surveillant present. Notes available here. At Through Post-Atomic Eyes in Toronto, 23-25 October 2015.

On digital arts criticism and journalism at Superscript, Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA, June 2015.

“Living in the Electromagnetic Spectrum”, a talk about citizenship, borders and technology at Re:publica Berlin, May 2015.

In conversation about art and activism with Omar Kholeif at the Global Art Forum Dubai, March 2015.

‘The Electromagnetic Border’, on borders and technology, at Border Topologies, Sheffield University, December 2014.

‘What the Network Teaches’ at the Serpentine Gallery Extinction Marathon: Visions of the Future, October 2014.

Exploring the New Aesthetic: James Bridle & Libby Heaney @RCAIED 30 Oct 2014

“A screaming comes across the sky”, a talk about drones at Laboral, Gijon, Spain, October 2014

The Secret Lives of Systems and Services, Future Everything, Manchester, March 2014, on laws and frameworks.

Creating Minds, Berkeley, October 2013, on “Network Tense”.

“Day of the Drones” panel, with Michael Ben-Zohar, Michael Mori, and Phillip Adams, Brisbane Writers Festival, September 2013. (ABC TV, Video and Audio downloads.)

The Conference, Malm̦, Sweden, August 2013 Рon spy bins, shopping, cricket, and reading technology.

Fabrica, Italy, June 2013 – on Balloon Infrastructures.

“Tomorrow Never Knows”, Film & Video Umbrella’s ‘Future’ Symposium, CCA, Glasgow, June 2013 – on how to think about the future, covering networks, the Syrian conflict, and computational models of the present.

“The Rendered World”, London Architecture Festival, Institute of Comtemporary Arts, London, June 2013 – on architectural visualisation and embedded politics.

Artists Talk, Brighton Festival, Lighthouse, Brighton, May 2013 – on drone shadows, installations and dispositions.

“We Fell in Love in a Coded Space”, a talk about literature, technology and bots at Lift, Geneva, April 2012.

“Waving at the Machines”, Web Directions South, Sydney, October 2011 – on the origins of the New Aesthetic, and much else.