• iPhone Book Concept
    Inspired by the Japanese iPhone/Book mashup that appeared in the Stop Press links recently, I made this rough concept of an in-book mobile app, riffing on ideas of the “enhanced edition“. Imagine if when you got a book, you also got a mobile app that contained the footnotes and index, supporting material and the searchable […]
  • Quietube: YouTube without the distractions
    A quick heads-up on a little Apt project I haven’t talked about properly before. We got bored with all the comments and crud on YouTube, so we built Quietube – think of it as Readability for your favourite videos. A little bookmarklet lets you easily and quickly generate a nice, clean page – and a […]
  • 25th Estate
    So, I can finally show off this utterly lovely project we’ve been working on at Apt, with the help of my awesome friends at Asylum Films. Two weeks, never enough cash, animators sleeping in shifts in the Directors’ flat in Haringey, and almost a thousand books… More (and bigger) video and info at
  • The long moment
    Flickr, everyone’s favourite photo site, just added video, and not everyone is happy about it. But Flickr has been very clever – their video offering is not designed to rival YouTube or the rest as a repository for short films, comedy clips and old adverts. Instead, they’ve limited the videos to 90 seconds to create […]
  • Paper eBooks
    Tony White, author of one of my favourite books, Foxy-T, and literary editor of The Idler, has just published a series of extracts from Balkanising Bloomsbury, a work in progress, in the Diffusion eBooks format. He writes: The ebooks are the result of a residency with Proboscis that I’ve been undertaking in recent months, working […]
  • Cooking With Booze
    So. I wrote a book. It’s out today. Yeah, I know. You’ve been reading this site for ages, waiting for booktech revelations, when you realise it’s just been a plog all along. Yes, I wrote a book, and if you want to buy it, that would be sweet. It is pretty awesome. But that’s not […]
  • Read A M*F*ing Book
    Quite possibly the best thing ever. Do not watch if offended by language, or without headphones in a busy place. Do watch if interested in increasing literacy rates. And booty. The video is a product of BET, the ‘black interest’ US cable channel, who deserve utter praise for such a forthright and downright hilarious approach. […]
  • Numbers Matter
    We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties. This is very boring, as we have things to say, but in the mean time, watch this video: [Problems fixed! Video still good…] There’s a lot of really interesting and varied information in there, and you’ll be glad you did. Designed by Xplane for Shifthappens. Via Iain Tait. [Wordpress ninjas? […]
  • Start writing now
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