• 2009: The Booktwo/STML Year in Review
    As some of you may have noticed, has over this year become increasingly personal. This trend is likely to continue in 2010, and while I’ll continue to write about books, technology, and their intersections, I’ll be writing about other things. The main reason for this is that in August I went freelance, and now […]
  • Away
    I’m off to India for a couple of weeks: don’t expect too many posts, but I’ll have lots to tell on my return. No time to write up the excellent experience that was Bookcamp last weekend – keep your eye on the Penguin blog for more reports. There will be more to come. Very pleased […]
  • Numbers Matter
    We’re currently experiencing technical difficulties. This is very boring, as we have things to say, but in the mean time, watch this video: [Problems fixed! Video still good…] There’s a lot of really interesting and varied information in there, and you’ll be glad you did. Designed by Xplane for Shifthappens. Via Iain Tait. [Wordpress ninjas? […]
  • Distributed Lit: 3:AM Brasil launches
    3:AM Magazine, of which I am a co-editor as well as designer and site developer, today launched a new, Portuguese-language edition dedicated to writing, music and culture from Brazil: 3:AM Brasil. I meant to write about 3:AM when we launched the redesigned site back in January, but didn’t get round to it. It’s a great […]
  • I never met a challenge I didn’t
    If things have been less busy around here for the last couple of weeks, there’s a reason: I’m moving on from my day job with the lovely Snowbooks, and pursuing other opportunities, with the consequent upheavals. Booktwo isn’t going anywhere though, and neither is Slow Fire – thanks to all who have signed up, and […]
  • LCACE & Hiatus
    I was invited to participate in a discussion convened by the London Centre for Arts and Cultural Enterprise (LCACE) on the subject of future publishing. Unfortunately I can’t attend, but I highly recommend going if you can – it’s a very interesting panel who should have plenty to say. Details follow: Educating the Next Generation […]
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