• Books for Second Life (part 2)
    I recently went exploring in Second Life, and it didn’t take long to find bibliophiles. Over at the Coelacanth Books & News Store in Changmi, I met the proprietor Coelacanth Seurat (pictured, in front of her store, below), who is exploring the possibilities of text in the 3D virtual world. The store stocks Second Life-themed […]
  • Books for Second Life
    Today´s Guardian carries a prominent article from non-specialist correspondent Stuart Jeffries on the subject of Second Life. (You only live twice), continuing the virtual environment´s increasing visibility as the next online phenomena to move into the popular conciousness, hot on the heels of myspace, YouTube, et al. This follows the announcement last week from Penguin´s […]
  • Willkommen zum Buchmesse
    Today´s Guardian ran a large picture on page six of mass-market paperbacks being laid out in Frankfurt, under the headline ´Cover Story´and bearing the strapline: The 380,000 books displayed on stands at Frankfurt Book Fair has helped offset fears about the viability of print in the digital age. Wishful thinking. I’m in Frankfurt this week […]
  • Birth pangs of a new literature
    Welcome to This site was inspired by the following piece of writing first posted at This should give you some idea of where booktwo came from, and where it’s supposed to be going. There’s been a bit of a creative block in these parts for a while. Half-formed thoughts. Unfinished articles. Sweaty, 5am […]
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