• Everything Broken, Everything Burned. Or not.
    Tomorrow is T-day. Or iDay. Or whatever. It’ll be fun. Nobody knows *anything* yet. Well, apart from the folks at McGraw-Hill and Hachette, probably Kobo, and a whole host of others. But for the purposes of this discussion: nobody *knows* *anything*. About the Tablet, that is. Because, actually, we know quite a lot. We know […]
  • iPhone Book Concept
    Inspired by the Japanese iPhone/Book mashup that appeared in the Stop Press links recently, I made this rough concept of an in-book mobile app, riffing on ideas of the “enhanced edition“. Imagine if when you got a book, you also got a mobile app that contained the footnotes and index, supporting material and the searchable […]
  • Amazon, the Kindle, and the iPhone
    Here’s a thing someone floated at me. What if Amazon released a Kindle-reading app for the iPhone? It’s a thought, isn’t it? After initial doubts – why would Amazon deliberately waste all that investment in the Kindle hardware? – I did come to the conclusion that the Kindle and iPhone demographics, while they certainly overlap, […]
  • Are books applications?
    O’Reilly’s Tools of Change for Publishing blog has a nice series of posts on books as ebooks as applications: Linking Books with the Web-Way of Thinking Treating Ebooks Like Software A Big Boost to Books as Apps? I just want to voice something that has been bothering me a little about this (and given some […]
  • Going mobile
    So, I just finished reading a novel on my phone. Stepping up to the plate, I downloaded Cory Doctorow’s Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom (which is a blast, by the way) from and gave it a go. And you know what? It was great. It was easy to read. It didn’t strain […]
  • The Kindle has landed.
    So, it’s finally here, and damn, it’s still ugly. Really, really ugly. Go watch the video demos (short one at the top, longer one lower down). But it has some things going for it. There are a lot of touches I really like, like easy ordering of low-price ebooks direct from Amazon without having to […]
  • The 250GB Book
    Some people are going to hate me for this, but I think it’s great: The 250GB Book. I did agonise over cutting up the book. I did reject several others in the charity shop because they were too nice to do it too, even if they were just going to rot on the shelf anyway. […]
  • Tools of Change
    Despite my repeated entreaties, no one bought me a ticket for O’Reilly’s Tools of Change conference, on this week. It looks like a lot of interesting people, talking about important stuff. Pleased to see that Manolis Kelaidis’ bluebook project, which I wrote about last year, has made an impactful appearance, and I suspect there’s a […]
  • The blueBook
    Back in the summer, I visited the Royal College of Art’s 2006 Summer Show (a longer review of which can be found over at Tom Coates’ One project that caught my eye was Manolis Kelaidis’ blueBook project, part of the Industrial Design Engineering strand. Manolis was kind enough to send me some more material […]
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