The Velocity of Reading (powered by bkkeepr)

February 11, 2009


The above is a graph of my reading for the last year from bkkeepr, as generated by the first application powered by the bkkeepr API: The Velocity of Reading.

TVR calculates statistics and draws graphs based on your reading habits, counting pages read and hence your average reading speed. All you need is a bkkeepr username (and a few weeks reading under your belt). I’m incredibly pleased to see the API in use, and this is exactly the kind of application I had in mind. A big hand to Tristan Ferne for building it.

With the recent launch of LibraryThing’s Twitter input, I was concerned that people might use this service instead of bkkeepr. However, I think apps like this demonstrate that an internet of small pieces, loosely joined offers far more possibilities than a small number of large, enclosed systems, and I’ll keep working on making bkkeepr better, and more open.

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