Stop Press for October 29th

October 30, 2008

  • E-Reads: Random House Changes E-Book Royalty Policy – RH switching to net receipts for ebooks – a policy some publishers have been applying to pbooks for some time. Right idea, but might shake some up.
  • My B&N – Barnes & Noble – “Select from dozens of unique literary character avatars to accompany your online pen name.” According to Publishers’ Weekly, Barnes & Noble’s “answer to Shelfari, Goodreads and other social networking sites for books.” I fear not.
  • Review: Classics lets you touch your books on your iPhone (Updated) – Ars Technica reviews, with a lot less scepticism for the “page turn” gimmick than I would have put in. A good statement on the current status of ebooks on the iPhone though.
  • Impetus Press, R.I.P. – a.k.a. Publishing is broken. Ridiculous return rates and distributor lock-in claim another great indie press.
  • Marks and Meaning, version zero by Dave Gray (Book) – “Marks and meaning is a work in progress; an evolving exploration of visual language, visual thinking and visual work practices by the founder and Chairman of XPLANE, the visual thinking company. An unfinished work, it’s a hybrid: part sketchbook, part textbook, part workbook, and continuously updated by the author, based on feedback and conversations with readers. This is version zero: the first version available to the public.”

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