Stop Press for October 27th through October 28th

October 29, 2010

  • Digital Archaeology | Story Worldwide "Soon we will know less about what was seen on PC screens — the HTML blossoming that helped change our world utterly — than we do about the relief carvings in Mohenjo-daro or the Yucatán. Although they helped defined our new culture, almost none of the websites of less than two decades ago can be seen at all." (Hat tip, Dan W.)
  • ASCII by Jason Scott / Archiveteam! The Geocities Torrent "What we were facing, you see, was the wholesale destruction of the still-rare combination of words digital heritage, the erasing and silencing of hundreds of thousands of voices, voices that representing the dawn of what one might call “regular people” joining the World Wide Web. A unique moment in human history, preserved for many years and spontaneously combusting due to a few marks in a ledger, the decision of who-knows for who-knows-what." 900GB of recent history. Get it while it's there, and bake it in resin.

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