Stop Press for October 17th

October 18, 2008

  • Booker | Atlantic Books – Nice piece from Atlantic Books celebrating their deserved Booker win. See the follow-up pieces too.
  • Radiohead reveal how successful ‘In Rainbows’ download really was – Pretty successful, in fact. But the fact that "Warner Chappell and Radiohead’s management were monitoring the average price daily, and was prepared to cancel the download facility if the average price became too low" is interesting too.
  • No UK Kindle launch before Xmas – Bookseller reports, giving the same reason iPhone release was delayed over here: the complexity of signing deals to ensure Europe-wide wi-fi access. Do you really require a permanent connection to read on the Kindle? Surely not. (P.S. Please stop calling Amazon an "e-tailer". Thank you.)
  • Judge a book by its cover ? – Test yourself against Amazon reviewers who may or may not have actually read it.

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