Stop Press for November 25th

November 26, 2008

  • Random House Expands E-book Offerings – An additional 6,000 ebooks, to a total of 15,000. Even more significantly, they’re making them available in epub too. Here’s a question: have we figured out if ebook availability contractually satisfies ‘in print’ requirements for publishers, authors and agents?
  • If You Liked This, Sure to Love That – Winning the Netflix Prize – – An article mostly about movie recommendation engines, but germane to books as well. Amazon’s recommendations are notoriously poor, as are others, and this article goes some way to explaining the difficulties involved.
  • Pan Macmillan ebooks for the iPhone – This is getting a lot of press, and I’m pleased that Pan Mac (anyone) are at least doing something in this direction, but these epub files have been available, and available for the iPhone, for some time, and presenting this as a huge leap doesn’t help the industry move forward.
  • Bookkake ebooks for the iPhone – See?
  • FaceOut Books – Lovely jackets, lovely books, interviews with designers. Pretty stuff.
  • FF Trixie :: A FontFont Focus by FontShop – Type(writer) geekery. Watch the trailer. Isn’t there something extraordiary about using digitally precise technology to simulate error and variety?

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