Stop Press for November 17th

November 18, 2008

  • Locus Online Features: Cory Doctorow: Why I Copyfight – “To pretend that you do not copy is to adopt the twisted hypocrisy of the Victorians who swore that they never, ever masturbated. Everyone knows that they themselves are lying, and a large number of us know that everyone else is lying too.” That excellent quote aside, another good and thoughtful piece from Cory. I don’t agree with him on everything, but he’s still the best reasoner on this topic, and more people should be exposed to him.
  • Seth Freedman: LennyStone brought his infinite patience to the threads of Comment is free – I’ve often been turned off the Guardian’s blogs by the intense and frequently plain nasty commenters. Good to know there’s intelligent comment and real community there.
  • Amazon now taking orders for XO laptop: Give One, Get One program – Nearly did this before, then realised it was US-only. Now worldwide, with Amazon, but I don’t feel so rich right now…
  • Rule #1 for Surviving Paradigm Shifts: Don?t S**t Where You Eat – “Unfortunately, OCLC itself seems to be believe they are a thing of the past, that they are going to fall victim of the drop of data distribution and coordination costs, much like the record industry, and that they have to fight with their teeth to avoid to succumb to the web-powered winter of data monopolies.” More on the OCLC scrap.

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