Stop Press for May 25th

May 26, 2011

  • MOBYLIVES » Why has Google walked away from the Google eBookstore? "But talk to a publisher that’s been trying to get its books into the program and you’ll learn one of the worst kept secrets in the book industry: It’s been almost impossible since the beginning of the year to enroll, let alone load your books into the Google eBookstore, a program that was started just last December." Set rumourmill to overdrive. (The analysis is not wrong, even if it's tone is a little more surprised/hurt than is warranted.)
  • Designing a 19th-Century Kindle: An E-Reader for Dickens "Realizing that a Kindle is just a lot of books inside a big book, she created an old-school version consisting of literal little books inside a larger book." It's a bit more than that, but I still like this. Perhaps it illustrates the inverse: there is no metaphor for what we have now.
  • John Perry Barlow at the eG8 "I may be one of very few people in this room who actually makes his living personally by creating what these gentlemen are pleased to call "intellectual property." I don't regard my expression as a form of property. Property is something that can be taken from me. If I don't have it, somebody else does."

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