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June 22, 2007

  • It’s a new online chapter for books | Guardian Technology – The always readable Vic Keegan rounds up the bookish social networks. Sound on the consequences of shrinking newspaper review sections, and the possible consequences for internet-based distribution. (Via Times Emit)
  • Ingram announces partnership with Microsoft – To provide scanning and other services (including, let’s make this quite clear, printing and/or selling at some future point) for Google-baiting Live Book Search. Which is fine, if anyone is using Live Search.
  • LibraryThing: Fifteen million books! – It’s great and all, but I still haven’t found a compelling reason to use LT. When I start using connected ebooks, and it becomes like, perhaps, but still not sure.
  • Nature Precedings – Major science journal goes user-generated. ‘Pre-publication research and preliminary findings’, without peer review. Hmm. Hope to do some more on this soon… (via if:book)
  • YouTube: apple ebook reader for iPod – Sensible device proposal: ebook reader as iPod accessory. Works for ebooks, and taps an already huge market. I particularly like the travel book application. (Via if:book)
  • if:book on Adobe Digital Editions 1.0 – Doesn’t sound like much has changed from the beta I reviewed pretty poorly last year.
  • Skoob Books – Back at the Brunswick. Fantastic news.

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