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January 5, 2011

  • Are free books the future of publishing? – The Irish Times – Wed, Nov 10, 2010 “It’s important to point out that we’re a group of writers that publishes books,” says Fitch, “not a publisher only. We’ve just seized control of the machinery of publishing and put it to work in a new way.” [Betteridge's Law applies. Still interesting]
  • Call for Submissions: All The Citizens’ Men "Inertial Fallacy Productions is putting together a Creative Commons-licensed anthology of short (no more than 2600 words) critical responses to the diplomatic cables released by Wikileaks in November/December 2010. You're invited. The resulting volume will be printed in several volumes (as well as digitally published) and used as part of a legal experiment."
  • Public Library Closures in the UK – Google Maps Data taken from
  • Help: Lending Kindle Books I haven't got my head around this yet, in that I think there's more to be written. People have been obsessed with "lending" ebooks for some time, but I don't entirely get it. It dovetails with notions of electronic "ownership" that I don't think we've come close to figuring out yet. Still: definitely good. Yes.
  • The Midnight Bell [Hazlitt and the Canon] "So there’s no need to say Hazlitt is neglected; it looks like a cheap rhetorical position to me; it’s enough to argue that we should read him." Sean being wise about the canon.
  • The Millions : A Year in Marginalia: Sam Anderson "The writing I enjoy doing most, every year, is marginalia: spontaneous bursts of pure, private response to whatever book happens to be in front of me. It’s the most intimate, complete, and honest form of criticism possible — not the big wide-angle aerial shot you get from an official review essay, but a moment-by-moment record of what a book actually feels like to the actively reading brain."

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