Stop Press for January 11th

January 12, 2010

  • Skiff Reader Bigger, thinner, black and white.
  • mirasol® Display Technology (IMOD) by Qualcomm More colour ereader tech.
  • Pixel Qi E-paper with Color and Video.
  • CES Report | Bonnier AB "The spam of CES must have been the e-readers. There were so many and so similar. It was a repetitive walk down the isles of the e-reader section, full of me-too copies (one was even branded "Ditto"). The success of the Kindle has surely triggered a lot of OEM entrepreneurship, but a copycat entrepreneurship indicates a price pressure to come." Ereader round-up follows.
  • Bookdrop tagging | Snarkmarket Physical book tagging. Lovely – until it ran into UI issues…

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