Stop Press for February 2nd

February 3, 2011

  • E-book prize: A new chapter or a damaging novelty? – The Independent "Will the prize's chair, Stella Rimington, for example, feel the same wanton pleasure while lying back in her bath with an e-reader bobbing above the bubbles instead of a slightly soggy physical copy?" "Reading on a Kindle is a different sort of reading. If you have a book printed on paper, there's a texture aspect as well. I have always said that the Kindle is not going to replace the book." Your obsession with bathtime and your fetishisation of the object will not save you.
  • The author, the philistine PM and a crusade with no happy ending – The Independent "I can't understand how a man who seems never to read imaginative writing of any kind (novels, poetry, short stories, high-brow, middle-brow, low-brow, anything) can understand life, people, the world… It's not for me to say how people should live. But people who have power over me? I want them to read because their limited, impoverished dreams may become my nightmares."

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