Stop Press for February 10th

February 11, 2011

  • Infovore » Coming to history anew Tom Armitage puts it best, on Tom Phillips and delivery: "This isn’t about the technology of display – the Ipad. This is about the the way delivery changes the relationship a reader has with a text, be it one they wrote, or just one they’ve subscribed to."
  • EXCLUSIVE: Diamond’s Dave Bowen explains how they will sell digital comics in stores | The Beat "One of the things that we really want to see happen out of this is to break down what we think is a barrier to discussion of digital comics in physical comics shops. Print comics are not going anywhere anytime soon. I think that’s fairly obvious. But digital comics are becoming an important part of the landscape and the idea that a customer might be uncomfortable disusing their digital buying or reading habits with their comics shop is, I think, commonsense."
  • Goodbye from Pen Pusher Magazine Very sad to see an excellent small literary magazine fold. Would have liked to see it continue online; in their own words, PP has "an ill-advised lack of interest in the digital world". Shame.

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