Stop Press for April 29th

April 30, 2009

  • Publishers launch lost classics | The Bloomsbury Group – lost classics from the Big B. I am, after Faber Finds, highly suspicious of what publishers call lost classics, and will be interesting to see if these turn out to be POD…
  • The OCLC End Game We#039;ve covered some of the issues around the OCLC on booktwo: Tim at LibraryThing is doing a better job, analysing their plan to take all library catalogues into the cloud – and leverage public data for their own gain.
  • Amazon Buys Lexcycle | Booksquare Was waiting to see some reactions before posting – as usual Booksquare has the best write-up. Hopefully, this will encourage competition, not stifle it. But Amazon *are* scary.
  • Noisy Decent Graphics: 7 ways to be a Graphic Design student online Ben Terret#039;s guide is more widely applicable than he suggests. It#039;s really a good guide to being a person online, and many bits are applicable to publishers, editors and writers too.

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