Secret stories

September 13, 2007


A short story for you, in a different form.

I’m not entirely sold on QR codes, but I like the interaction that they create, a physical bartering with the environment to obtain the message – providing people are willing to do so. There’s also the element of surprise inherent in uncovering the message.

I’d like to see one on a book cover, or chalked on a wall. I might print this one out and paste it around town…

[ No idea what’s going on? Here you go. ]

[ More info on the story. ]

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  1. […] But could you use it in a book? A code like this might certainly offer easy access to all sorts of complimentary materials that can’t be put on paper. […]

    Comment by 5th Estate — September 20, 2007 @ 12:26 pm

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