Rorschmap: Street View Edition

January 16, 2013

Remember Rorschmap? I’ve updated the kaleidoscopic map generator to work with Street View, for your viewing pleasure: Rorschmap: Street View Edition.

The Street View API doesn’t allow for quite the same grain of control, but you can search by address, bring up a map and drag the marker to change location, and pan and zoom. Or you can just hit R, over and over again, which is all I’ve been doing for a few days. Press I to remove the floating window.

The whole thing, really, is another secret love letter to London, its red brick and blue skies, plane trees and construction hoardings, buses and eternal scaffolds. R. R. R. London as a great Georgian space ship in the sky. Making something magical with the robot photographers.

Here are some of my favourite locations discovered so far, but to be honest, it’s hard not to make something pretty good, if you like cities, patterns, and surprises:

Pollarded trees, New Cross.

Apartments, Putney Hill.

Terraces, Clapham.

Bus in the City.

Inside MoMA in New York.

Inside a shop in Bermondsey.

Telehouse, obviously.

Oh yes—and whatever you do, don’t press H.

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