PaperCamp 2: The Briefs

October 11, 2010

Saturday was the second Papercamp. There are some write-ups appearing online already, such as these from Ben and Roo, as well as photos on Flickr.

I couldn’t make it unfortunately, but Matt suggested I create some briefs to get people going, and so I did. Apparently, there weren’t many formal responses to them (with this glorious exception), which is all to the good, but I hope they added something to character of the day, and might inspire some more responses…

5 Briefs for Papercamp


Create a new fold or codex type. A new way of bending and shaping a single type of paper, preferably tied to performing a particular task. The fold or the task may come first.

References: (see Night of the Living Dead Pixels – stupid flash site)


Create a paper / book type object that you run rather than read. Interactive paper. A creation that feels less like writing a story, and more like writing a framework, with associated tests and walkthroughs. A document that is run rather than read. Perhaps a game, perhaps not. It should produce a result (i.e., not just a CYOA).



Make something like the tag on a teabag. Or just a better teabag tag. Or an awesome one. A useful attachment to something else. Or a hack.



Make something that connects to or references the web, but obliquely. No QR codes, no clever(/complicated) stuff. URLs are fine, people can type them in. Suggestive shapes.

References: [The Google Street View URL] [Mechanical Facebook]


Make a physical souvenir of a digital experience.


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  1. Thanks for posting – definitely thought provoking

    Comment by dumbledad — October 13, 2010 @ 10:48 am

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