Guarding the legacy

January 23, 2007

Today’s Guardian has a short piece with more Google follow-upping:

The iPod has done it with music, Flickr has done it with photos, MySpace has done it with bands and Saatchi is doing it with paintings. The question is: can Google do the same thing with books by creating an international online market place for them enabling readers to download volumes in their entirety – at a price of course – to their iPods, Blackberrys or smartphones?

Luckily, the Guardian’s Vic Keegan is more clued-up than Bryan Appleyard – for example, he’s been trying out iCUE too. He’s also the man behind Shakespeare’s Monkey, he’s active in Second Life, and, at the risk of stalking, he uses Flickr, so he’s rather better qualified to talk about all this.

According to a Guardian column from a couple of weeks back, which I can’t locate online, he also released a book of poems (which may or may not be this one) inside Second Life recently. If anyone can find out any more about this, I’d be very grateful.

[UPDATE:] Thank you, Mr Keegan (see the comments).

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  1. Thanks for those kind words. You are quite right that the reference to the Second Life launch was hard to find. I don’t think the Guardian’s blogs show up very well on its search engine. For those interested the url is

    Comment by Victor Keegan — January 23, 2007 @ 10:54 pm

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