Bob can make your book

May 9, 2007

bobbooks.jpgCycling to work today, I saw this advertised on the side of a bus: Bob Books. Bob Books allows you to create and order books using your own text and digital photos – the examples on the website heavily emphasise personal photo albums of the baby/wedding/holiday variety.

It’s a beautiful site and the downloadable software to create your own book looks and feels much the same – really intuitive and easy to use, even for novices.

It’s a fairly basic service actually, and it’s certainly no threat to traditional publishers or printers, or even to new POD services like Lulu, positioning itself firmly in the one-off, gift books category. However, it’s interesting to see another company – and one with plenty of cash if its advertising is anything to go by – taking the Moo route of offering simple, clean tools to do more stuff with all the user-generated content now available to us all through widespread adoption of technologies like digital photography. That it’s book-related just piqued my interest…

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