• To The Mountain
    A short meditation on more-than-human relations, and ecological art.
  • AI Chair 1.1: Llamafiles and Mistral
    More large lounge language models.
  • Dig Where You Stand
    On following the money, agency, and Sven Lindqvist's handbook for workers.
  • AI Chair 1.0
    Making a chair with ChatGPT 4
  • The Distractor
    An installation concerning Sesame Street and human attention, at the Kunsthaus Zurich.
  • What does the river want?
    A lecture given at the Festivaletteratura, Mantova, Italy, in September 2013, about legal personhood, non-indigenous species, terraforming, colonialism, floods, and more-than-human relations.
  • I could make that
    Tiny toy models of things
  • SUPER KIOSK and other news
    A sustainable structure for the Thessaloniki Biennial.
  • Gleanings, January 2023
    Recent tabs and research
  • Diachronism
    A story about time, choices, and seagrass.
  • The Tumblr Museum
    Tiny museums of random things, everywhere
  • The Sting
    Eating and interfaces
  • Let the River Live
    Personhood and eco-mental systems
  • The Great Levelling
    Enclosure and colonialism, pre-Empire
  • Marking and Unmarking
    Lionfish and land acknowledgements, maybe
  • Fading Light in the Picture Gallery
    An essay about the work of painter Christopher Page
  • Hope needs a place to perch
    Optimism and agency
  • The AI and the Tree
    Machine learning for carpentry
  • Signs of Life
    An exhibition on renewable energy and redistributing power.
  • Ways of Being
    A new book about technology, ecology, planetary intelligence and more-than-human relationships.
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