2012: Let’s Go

January 16, 2012

Back in June of last year, I made the following draft post entitled “Yearnotes 2011”:

At 6.30 on the evening of Monday the 30th of May, on the beach at Whitstable, I ate an oyster.

We cycled there from London. It was a good day. Many of them were.

I’m a little late for the usual yearnotes, which would be far too verbose in any case, but let it be said that 2011 was brilliant, and 2012 is going to be awesome, because bigger numbers are always better, right?

For a quick survey of 2012, see my portfolio and speaking schedule (2011 was the year of talking a lot, 2012 looks to be not dissimilar, but with more things.)

A few highlights from 2011: Publishing Experiences at TOC in New York, Seven Posts about the Future, social reading, Robot Flâneur, Where the F**k Was I?, Rorschmap, The New Value of Text, Everything is the same only different at the Internet Archive, the whole New Aesthetic thing, particularly Waving At The Machines in Sydney, Hard Times (For Our Times)… and so much else.

Onwards: I’m currently working with Storythings, Readmill, Artangel and a couple of others on upcoming and ongoing projects, which you’ll hopefully hear about soon. I’m also looking to do more teaching this year, following workshops at the RCA in London and AHO in Norway.

As ever, I’m interested in talking to anyone about work, teaching positions, speaking and collaborations: please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

… and the first big project of the year to go live is of course Bus-Tops:

I’ve written about Bus-Tops before, but that was back in October 2010, and it’s hard to believe we’re actually (almost) there. A Cultural Olympiad project for 2012, we’re installing large screens on the top of bus stops around London, to be seen from the top of double-deckers.

20 screens are now live across London, with another 10 being installed as I write. Also being tuned up is the final website, which will allow the public to submit their own work—still images and animations—to appear on the screens. At the moment, they’re showing Mark Titchner‘s “31 Day Programme”, with an excellent list of artists’ commissions planned for the next nine months. It’s all very exciting.

A belated Happy New Year, and here’s to 2012.

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