‘vE-“jA and the Interactive Book

December 28, 2006


A little late for your Christmas presents, but ‘vE-“jA: Art + technology of Live Audio/Video’ is a book about the global VJ scene: creating and producing live audiovisual mixes. The standard edition of the book comes with a DVD containing hundreds of images and video clips by artists featured in the book (the accompanying and slightly confusingly side-scrolling website also contains a wealth of links to these artists, for happy holiday time-wasting).

What makes this interesting is that a special edition of the book will be, in the editor X├írene Eskander’s words, a wireless interactive touch version. Using Touchsmart technology, readers trigger images, videos and sound on the DVD by touching icons in the book itself, the aim being to tie the experience of reading the book to the concept of VJing itself.

Astute readers will remember the blueBook project we covered back in November, which used bluetooth to connect to a PC. Touchsmart appears to work with a variety of platforms including TV and mobile devices, and goes further in describing a “touch user interface” or TUI. It describes itself as an educational application, but as can be seen in the ‘vE-“jA project, it is capable of more advanced interaction than learning and testing.

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