Stop Press for November 27th

November 28, 2008

  • Miller-McCune | The Close Relationship Between Pop Music and Advertising – “Major labels function with the assumption that 90 percent of artists they sign are going to fail – that should have been a red flag for everybody. I mean that?s a bizarre business model in any arena. But particularly in the cultural arena, the idea that the system through which culture is transmitted is dictated entirely by profit should concern us, because that?s going to narrow the types of culture that are transmitted.”
  • Publishing Bigshots Told to Open Canned Tuna, Eat at Desk | The New York Observer – ?We all have to eat! We can get together and have a shawarma and sit in the park and talk about writers. The social time is really important, but what is not important is how expensive the food is.? God bless Ira Silverberg.

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