Stop Press for May 2nd through May 8th

May 9, 2007

  • RSS web feeds for tags at – A small upgrade but a significant one – expect to see a lot more access like this. (Via TechCrunch)
  • E promotes P: Complementary lessons – TeleRead on the possibilities for increasing traditional book sales through canny ebook and audio marketing.
  • Newspaper reviews are not democratisers – Booksquare looks at shrinking review pages, and critiques the kneejerk response.
  • Can you patent wisdom? – International rights get interesting: India is creating a high-tech catalogue of traditional knowledge to prevent foreign hucksters ‘pirating’ it.
  • Digg Surrenders to Mob – This isn’t a publishing story, but what follows is a lesson and/or warning for all those crowd-sourcing ideas out there.
  • “We hear you” – Kevin Rose, Digg founder, responds in pretty much the only way he could. He’s a good guy, though, I get the impression.
  • “Fish where the fish are” – Fionnuala Duggan, Director of Random House Group Digital, urges publishers to go look for readers out on the web.

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