Stop Press for March 15th

March 16, 2011

  • Who is the "Author" of This Book of Tweets? | Publishing Perspectives "The dematerialization of cultural products is in the process of revolutionizing the notion of the “book.” User generated content, online publishing tools and mostly social media are empowering individuals both in the virtual world and on the streets, and appear to be in the process of revolutionizing the notion of “authorship.”"
  • 1UP: The importance of platforms, and how we’re extending ours | Foursquare Blog "For instance, if you look up a restaurant in the foursquare API, we give you our ID number for that location. But if you were to look up the same restaurant in The New York Times or MenuPages , they’d have a different ID number in their database. The Venue Harmonization Map aims to solve that, by translating those numbers so that you only have to look up the ID once. So, for instance, if you know the URL of a restaurant on Thrillist, you can find that same restaurant in our database. And the other way works, too!" Data Harmonisation is the next big thing. The question is, who do we trust to do it? (cf ISBNs, works, editions…)

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