Stop Press for March 11th

March 12, 2011

  • Blaft Publications "Blaft Publications is an independent publishing house based in Chennai, India. Our list includes bestselling Indian crime novels, experimental fiction, pulp art, and graphic novels."
  • Science fiction author begins war of the books worlds | Books | "Hunt and thousands like him could have been forgiven for thinking that these selections might have had some SF, fantasy or horror titles among them, especially … given that these genres "together account for between 20%/30% of the fiction market." But no."
  • A New Genre in Chinese Fiction | Poets & Writers "In recent years, a new genre of fiction known as the Officialdom novel has become increasingly popular in China. Fans claim that the novels offer rich entertainment while providing valuable insights into the byzantine system of manners and etiquette that is the key to success at white-collar jobs in China, but the trend might signal a much more significant shift in the culture—one that goes beyond matters of literary taste."
  • Rules of engagement "There are many such hidden rules in official circles, and a special genre titled the "Officialdom Novel" (Guanchang Xiaoshuo) revealing such secrets has been gaining popularity in the past few years, reflecting an "artistic reality" the country is going through."
  • Officials pen purple pulp fiction – GlobalTimes "In The Chief of the Beijing Liaison Office, for instance, Wang Xiaofang unveils the daily running of liaison offices as a breeding hub of corruption, feeding readers' insatiable curiosity. By 2009, this new fiction genre – officialdom novels – was well established on the market."
  • The Officialdom Novel Shines Light in Dark Corners|Culture|In-depth| "Social novels should never part from social reality. Among contemporary Chinese novels, a good number of "officialdom novels" written by officials have attracted readers' attention and market sales."

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