Stop Press for June 2nd

June 3, 2008

  • Global Reader – MPS’ Mobile site. Initial excitement destroyed by realisation that this is just a dump of book contents onto a mobile site. Hard to navigate, can’t read offline, stupidly paginated… A real pity.
  • Macmillan to sell titles via mobile phones – Unfortunately, the Bookseller doesn’t understand enough about technology to actually report this. Of course it’s “available on all phones”: it’s a website, not an application. Poor journalism leads to a self-deluding industry.
  • BEBOOK – More open than Sony and the Kindle, with Wifi and RSS promised. But still. I don’t actually want one.
  • LitCamp – A writers? unconference. London, 12?13 September 2008
  • On The Media: Transcript of “One For The Books” (May 23, 2008) – Via Russell Davies.

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