Stop Press for January 5th

January 6, 2009

  • Out With The Old, In With The… Cranky | Booksquare – “I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking you won’t be like the music industry. Too late. Already you’ve let Amazon force its vision of pricing on you. Already you’ve decided you know the market better than the market knows itself. Already you’ve let free become more desirable than paid. That is what the music business did. They created a business model that made paying for music the least-best option: from convenience to price to selection.” Kassia pretty much nails it, on the iPhone, ebooks, pretty much everything.
  • Mister Trippy – Stewart Home has a blog. Be afraid.
  • The Burgomeister’s Books: Truly free ebook download library (#1) – If you were wondering where all the pirated ebooks are…
  • Is Google’s culture grab unstoppable? – El Reg starts the business of unpicking the Google Books settlement, a debate we can expect to drag on for some time…

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