Stop Press for February 28th

March 1, 2011

  • [toread] HarperCollins to libraries: we will nuke your ebooks after 26 checkouts Library ebook mentalness continues. Boing Boing with the response.
  • Top 10 Pirated eBooks at The Pirate Bay – GalleyCat In which in no way are any stereotypes confirmed (via Harry Man).
  • The Crime Dossiers of Dennis Wheatley "The four crime dossiers devised by Dennis Wheatley and J.G. Links in the 1930s were a completely original novelty and, at least initially, immensely popular both in Britain and around the world… What makes the crime dossiers so unique was that they presented the reader with all the evidence that an investigating team of detectives might gather and then ask him to solve the crime. To this end, a variety of physical clues and reports were housed together in a cardboard folder, which if worked through methodically as any detective might, would yield the correct solution to the problem. Having used deduction to arrive at a prime suspect, the reader could then check his findings with the actual solution to the mystery that was concealed within a sealed section towards the rear of the folder."

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