Stop Press for April 7th

April 8, 2009

  • Caustic Cover Critic: Abominazione! “Since 1952, Italian science-fiction magazine Urania has been publishing a novel or short-story collection (usually translated into Italian, rather than by an Italian author) each month. Over that time the covers have ranged from standard 1950s pulp to thuddingly obvious literalism to a sort of thick-eared surrealism that almost approaches genius with the extent of its awkward invention–like the work of a brain-damaged Dali forced to use his left hand only. The shoe-horning-in of a nude or semi-nude woman is also frequently necessary. Just sit back and marvel.”
  • adaptive path » why content management fails An oldie, but rang so many bells in the present. If you are thinking about getting a new website to solve your problems (and you probably are), read this first.

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