Stop Press for April 16th

April 17, 2010

  • Welcome! – Tales of Things Another QR/RFID tagging/internetofthings thing, but explicitly linked to storytelling.
  • Nicholas Spice: London Review Of Books Publisher Celebrates 30 Years: The Book Review Is Not Dead! "At the London Review of Books we've found print circulation has risen steadily during the last decade and we have more readers now than any literary magazine in the UK has ever had. The digital landscape opening up before us can, in our most optimistic moods, look like a promised land, though there will certainly be some tricky areas to negotiate as we move into it."
  • Feature: Books about bibliophiles | Books | The Observer A good, old article turned up by Google. Although the "disappear" in the final para upsets me a little.
  • Talk to Me | on the way to the exhibition "Talk to Me is an exhibition on the communication between people and objects that will open at The Museum of Modern Art on July 24th 2011. …<br />
    This is where we will share our findings, considerations, and explorations as we research, investigate, travel and hear from our networks of designers, artists, scientists and scholars."
  • The Page + The Screen Siting Text in the Early 21st Century and Beyond, a series of classes by The Public School | New York
  • Penguincubator on Flickr Best pic I've found. Improvements welcome.
  • Press Release: ORBIT TO PUBLISH DIGITAL SHORT FICTION "Orbit (US) has offered to publish digital editions of all original short fiction written by its authors. The digital editions will be distributed widely through major retail channels, for reading on a variety of devices. Authors will be paid a royalty for each story sold, rather than the flat fee more common in the short story market."
  • Publishing folk take a long hard look at iPad possibilities. Might be worth following.

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