Stop Press for April 12th

April 13, 2010

  • Art Space Tokyo: iPad Edition + Hardcover Reprint — Kickstarter The Kickstarter Funding Option. Waiting for the UK version…
  • Welcome to the Interdome: CMYK is the new SXSWi "So the lesson of the example is that print is still possible, and even profitable, but it is shrinking in size. This means the capitalists are pissed, because no single book is going to be an iPhone. But it also means that someone is going to be making money, even if they are doing it in a garage, in runs of under 100, and racking their brains on who they are going to get to fill the pages and who is going to buy it."
  • #Failure | The Casual Optimist "Based on the erroneous belief that there is a large reservoir of quality material that can be easily and quickly tapped, the focus is on revolutionizing how to publish rather than what or who to publish." Indeed.
  • Protecting creativity: Copyright and wrong | The Economist A very well-argued article on why digital technologies are a case for reducing copyright, not extending it.

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