October 27, 2010

I’ve noticed some really nice Google Earth / maps things recently.

Starting with today’s Big Picture, on Florida developments and the Human-made landscape:

There’s these satellite prints by Jenny Odell, such as: Approximately 1,326 Grain Silos, Water Towers, and Other Cylindrical-Industrial Buildings and Empty Carparks:

You’ve probably seen Globe Genie, it’s been around for a bit, but it’s lovely (we haven’t seen even the beginning of what’s possible with Street View. Although that Arcade Fire video was a nice idea):

Meanwhile, Google Earth just released a whole bunch of new historical layers, including the bombed-out London of 1945:

Then there’s the lovely stuff from Stamen for Nike Grid, which they write up a bit more here, but which I’m currently somewhat obsessed with, dud phoneboxes and people-on-hold notwithstanding:

Which is me saying I need to do more and write more about some mapping projects, such as Long Snake City, the Maps for Birds—and especially my work at the London Psychogeophysics workshops, which I still haven’t written up.

Anyway. #oldfashionedblogging

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