• The Author of Everything
    A story about digitisation.
  • #wikileakspaper
    On printing things out.
  • The House of Wisdom
    On the transmission of the classics, then and now.
  • An Elixir of Reminding
    Borges and Sharing; Instagram and Death.
  • Stop Lying About What You Do
    Pretending will not save us.
  • Starpunk
    Hollowing out spaces of possibility.
  • Hauntological Futures
    On the attempts to rehabilitate nostalgia.
  • HG Wells on Newspapers
    Writing about technologies.
  • For Hire is the blog of James Bridle, a book and technology specialist with specific expertise in planning and producing web and new media projects for clients in publishing and the arts. If you'd like to hire me, have a look at my CV and portfolio, and feel free to get in touch.

    I am also a member of the Really Interesting Group.

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    I am available for conferences and other events. For examples, see my talks at Interesting, Playful, South by Southwest, dConstruct and Tools of Change Frankfurt.

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