This site has been archived and is no longer maintained or updated.

About Open Bookmarks

Open Bookmarks is a response to the growth of electronic reading, and the new field of social reading.

It is intended to educate readers about ebooks and social reading, and suggest best practice in the field.

Open Bookmarks welcomes comment and contributions from anyone interested in social reading, in whatever role. The best way to contact Open Bookmarks is via email, at hello @

On personal projects

Open Bookmarks is a project by James Bridle, a writer, book publisher, independent publishing consultant and commentator, and technologist, whose work can be found at, and has been developed in consultation with readers, authors, publishers and developers, who continue to advise on the project. Hence the 'we'.

Open Bookmarks is non-corporate and unaffiliated with any publisher, distributor, ereading or social reading service. James Bridle has worked for and will continue to work for publishers, distributors and social reading services, and where there is any conflict of interest, the best effort will be made to make this clear.

Over time, it is hoped that a framework will emerge to make Open Bookmarks a community project.