This site has been archived and is no longer maintained or updated.

Open Bookmarks

More and more people are reading books electronically, on computers, on mobile phones, and on dedicated ereading devices.

Ereading allows people to make bookmarks, write notes in the margins, select extracts, and measure their progress through the book. This is the reading experience, and for the first time it's possible to save and share this experience directly. (Find out more about social reading...)

Open Bookmarks wants to make sure that this experience belongs to readers: that they can save it for the future in ways that are useful to them, and share their progress and annotations in the way that they want, however and wherever they read.

The Open Bookmarks checklist is a list of goals for making social reading work for everyone, developed in collaboration with publishers, software developers, hardware manufacturers, merchants, and everyone with an interest in the future of the book.

Soon, this site will include a consumer guide to ereaders and social reading applications, and track support for Open Bookmarks standards. Open Bookmarks will also be following the progress of social reading on the blog. Watch this space.

If you're a developer or publisher interested in finding out more about Open Bookmarks, please get in touch.

This project is currently inactive. You can still get in touch via if you like.